Heart of Barovia

The Curse of Strahd - Part 1

Quick Summary -

  • Traveling through wilderness guarding Trading Caravan
  • Wood Elf Ranger is pursuing
  • Nightfall approaches, caravan stops for the night
  • Cleric demands more wine, when not receiving any they teleport around camp in protest using Magical Skeleton Fog
  • Wood Elf Ranger sees Cleric using Magic Fog, is perturbed.
  • Wood Elf Ranger tries to infiltrate camp site
  • Fighter tries to defend camp from Wood Elf, fails
  • Paladin tries to play dice, fails
  • Wood Elf successfully infiltrates camp
  • Cleric sets fire to tree
  • Cleric sets fire to fire
  • Cleric goes to sleep
  • Ranger is further perturbed by Fog.
  • Tiefling Mage plays imaginary fetch with Dog
  • Dawn comes, Magic Fog has teleported group from one Forest to another eerily similar Forest.



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